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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Project Happening?

Project Happening is a Web Application for Boston College students to view, search, and add all events that are occurring on campus. Our goal is to create a central, dynamic location for official and non-official Boston College events combined with a user-friendly web design.

What sources are used to collect Boston College events?

Project Happening uses mutiple location to gather information on events occuring on the Boston College campus. These sources include both official and non-official Boston College sources including, but not limited to, OrgSync, Facebook, the Boston College Events Calendar, approved user-entered events, and more.

When should I use the "Add Events" section?

Use this section to add events that are not posted to OrgSync (officially registered with Boston College), or are currently not listed. We request that all users that add events be affiliated with the event.

How to I become a registered user to use "Add Events"?

In order to add events, you must be a registered user and approved by an administrator. After a registered user submits an event, it will be posted to the public page after approval. If you would like to register to post events, please click on the "Register" button at the bottom of the "Add Events" page.

Where can I find your Privacy Policy and Terms?

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